christian grey mode

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26 Responses to “christian grey mode”
  1. Mary says:

    Jesse Williams from Grey’s Anatomy or Matt Bomer

  2. gigi boek says:

    jesse metclafe

  3. LKN90 says:

    Matt bomer

  4. Janet brockbank says:

    Michael Fassbender or Ian Somerhalder x

  5. jadyn candie says:

    colin egglesfield!

  6. olga says:

    Ryan Goslin

  7. AJane says:

    Henry Cavill…look at his youtube vid for Dunhill black advert

  8. C Lovett says:

    Matt Bomer, please, please! He is the perfect Christian Grey!

  9. Nikki says:

    Jessie Pavelka, 1000%! Now he is perfect beyond perfect Christian Grey <3 <3 <3

  10. Donna says:

    Ian Somerhalder from the Vampire Diaries who potrays Damon Salvatorre should play the character Christian Grey. oohh he’s so sexy!

  11. Kate McIntosh says:

    Ian Somerhalder is, quite franky, too think and just too pretty. I don’t think of Christian Grey as being pretty! Gorgeous and sexy yes but NOT pretty. He is the epitome of masculinity! And as much as I LOVE Ryan Gosling, this is not the part for him. I believe Matt Bomer would be the perfect choice.

  12. Toni says:

    Ian Somerhalder :)

  13. Kitty says:

    Channing Tatum… yummy

  14. Elizabeth says:

    MATT BOMER, GOODNESS GRACIOUS. Please Matt Bomer!! <3

  15. Shameem says:

    MATT BOMER! Perfect Christian Grey ! <3

  16. Tricia says:

    Totally agree Kate. Christain should be someone who drips sexiness. I also see this as a new identity so I don’t think it should be played by an actor already tied to a name -love ya Damon… I mean Ian. That said my pic for the role of Christian Grey is Colin Egglesfield. Sooooo sexy!!!

  17. T.A.H says:

    After reading the series, I thought to myself that if they were to make a movie Matt Bomer would be a perfect Christain Grey. I guess I’m not the only one.

  18. L. Santiago says:

    I read the Christian Grey’s triology in a spanish version. In this spanish version Christian is an afroamerican good looking man. So, who is going to play the afroamerican Christian Grey?

  19. Kip says:

    Michael Fassbender! Matt Bomer or Colin Egglesfield. It just cannot be Ryan Gosling. He doesn’t fit the profile – yes, he’s hot as can be, no doubt. But it has to be a TALL, dark, and handsome guy.

  20. titi says:


  21. L Santiago says:

    Maxi Iglesias, a spanish actor

  22. Sarah says:

    Ian Somerhalder

  23. katka says:

    Christian Bale!!!!!! Hmmmmmm

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